USO Wisconsin centers provide a warm and comforting place where service members can: connect to loved ones via Internet or phone, play a video game, catch a movie, have a snack, or just put their feet up and relax.


Milwaukee and La Crosse Airports

USO Wisconsin supports more than 10,000 military and veteran families traveling through the airport at these locations. Also, we host welcome home and send-off events helping prepare families for the changes ahead. Support is also given to other organizations including Honor Flight and Dignified Transfers of fallen heroes.

Services include a book exchange, a movie library, a gaming system, comfort foods, WiFi, and an area to relax during the stresses of travel.

Visit the USO Wisconsin contact page for more information on hours and location.

Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS)

USO Wisconsin runs a family center at the MEPS location. From this location, we annually support 8,000-12,000 service members and their families from entry through completion of their military service.

Volunteers help settle the nerves of new recruits and offer support to the families who are left behind. MEPS handles recruits from the entire state of Wisconsin for all five branches of the military at this facility.

Visit the USO Wisconsin contact page for more information on hours and location.

Fort McCoy

At Fort McCoy, we operate two combat-simulated USO stations on the training field. We provide a realistic and rustic experience for our service members to relax and connect to home through phone calls, board games, planned activities, internet conductivity, and email access.

We also have an Internet Café on base where service members can bring their electronics and connect to loved ones through our WiFi, grab a cup of coffee, or meet for a rousing game of cards, while catching up on the latest news.

Visit the USO Wisconsin contact page for more information on location.

Mobile Center

USO Mobile II allows USO Wisconsin to bring WiFi, snacks, and games to military in more remote areas of the state, at the La Crosse Airport and on base at Fort McCoy. We offer snacks, WiFi, coffee in the winter, cool drinks in summer, and personnel hygiene items, providing comfort in combat-simulated conditions.

What the USO of Wisconsin has done for the morale of my family and the memories we have made are priceless. We are and will always be eternally grateful for what you have done for us while I have been stationed here.


The USO of WI is an amazing organization that has also allowed me the opportunity to share some of the benefits of my military service with the people that deserve it the most; my friends and family.


I just want to thank the USO and the Brewers for the warm welcome and hospitality. It certainly was an honor to throw out the first pitch! It will be a day that I will never forget. Words cannot really describe what the USO does for the military and their families. It definitely makes the a difference in the life of a soldier!


We thank you for your efforts on this and truly appreciate the support. You guys provide such a wonderful service, and I hope you know how much everyone that wears the uniforms appreciates it.

Joe (Navy)

I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity and for inviting us to the Brett Favre dinner. There is honestly no bigger Packer fan than I and Brett came straight to our table, shook our hands and I actually got to chat with the man himself! Such an amazing experience!

Robert (128 ARW Emergency Actions Controller)

Attending a Brewers game means so much. It means we all can do something together, with our families, and create memories. All of us soldiers can be united in our cheering for the home team as we are all Brewers fans regardless of where we call home.

Marikay (CPT, AG)

I want to and can not thank the USO of Wisconsin enough for your continued support to the U.S. Coast Guard in Milwaukee. I retired in 2015 and I have always told our new people that report to Sector Lake Michigan to take advantage of the un-wavering support of your office.

Matthew (USCG)

Thank you for being available to those who serve our country, to those who have served, and to those of us who love them!

Charis (Attendee at Airport Event)

Camp Hometown Heroes 2015 was a great success. With your help, we provided this life changing opportunity to 140 campers from 27 states this year. Thank you for supporting our mission.

Neil, Paula, Deb

Great to see a place where I know I’m welcomed. It’s never easy leaving home, but even harder when you sit alone.

Airman First Class